Blockchain is complicated.
We’re here to fix that.

We’re a group of product designers, design thinking facilitators, design researchers, and strategists. Although we’re spread across the world and work within a decentralized organization, we’re bound by a drive to design and deliver amazing experiences.

In our mission, we face a highly ambiguous and complex road to build a revolutionary technology. But we are committed to realizing the decentralized future. We are making this happen by creating products that solve problems for human-beings and are delightful to use.

What we’re reading and learning

Dive into some of the learnings we are sharing with the community and learn more about what it's like to design in a decentralized org.

Designing for Blockchain - What’s Different and What’s at Stake

How to design for trust around a “trustless” technology.

Participatory Design for Cryptoeconomic Systems

Or “How to include stakeholders of cryptoeconomic systems in the design process, from concept to delivery.”

The Civil Registry - a TCR for Quality Journalism

How to use participatory design to create community driven process to vet Newsrooms and deem them as having a credible journalistic mission.

Onboarding to Money - a product review

What’s the onboarding path to using money? Find out in this thought experiment.

Creative Mornings: The Truth Will Set You Free

If being honest was easy we would do it all the time, but it is not easy. As creatives, we have a choice to make.

“Levels” as an experiment for increasing participation in TCRs

How can we ensure that new, not-as-wealthy users have an active participation in token-curated registries, when whales tend to be over-represented?

Our delightful team.

The ConsenSys design team is comprised of a diverse group of thinkers and practitioners from across the globe. We are constantly raising the bar for ourselves and exploring what it means to be designing the next generation of tools for the web.

Design Thinking

Design Facilitation at ConsenSys is utilized across the entire organization. It blends the 50-year old, user centered methodology of design thinking with modern entrepreneurship practices. It enables teams to understand problems clearly, create informed solutions and execute.

Design Research

Great research leads to great design. As we are exploring new patterns of engaging on the web, we need to investigate human experience and behavior to dream up new ways of designing experiences.

Blockchain Designing for Trust. Interview with Sarah Baker Mills

Sarah Baker Mills is a Product Design Director at ConsenSys, a venture production studio building decentralized applications and end-user tools for blockchain ecosystems, primarily focused on Ethereum. We had a great pleasure to host Sarah at our MCE 2018 Conference. She cares about making blockchain more accessible, inclusive, and focused on solving problems for human beings—while making a design practice more efficient and transparent.

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