Rimble Design System

Adaptable components and design standards for decentralized applications.

An adaptable system of guidelines and components to support the best practices of dApp UX design. Built as an open-source project, the Web 3 Design System helps teams quickly build products that humans will use.

In the early days of the web every site took its own approach to UX design—leaving users to learn new patterns for each site they visited. Eventually designers and developers coalesced around a set of standards to make it easy for users to move from one site to the next.

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The Web3 community needs to develop a set of common UX standards and best practices to help onboard more people onto dApps. What are the best practices for designing dApps? How can we help people understand key management, gas prices, and the new patterns of behavior on Web 3.0?

With the Design System we seek to create a collection of components and a set of standards guiding their use; these standards will be flexible enough to create any number of applications, but standard enough to provide end users with a familiar experience.

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Do you want to help shape this system?

Are you a designer or developer who wants to help shape the design Web 3 Design System?

Rimble is just getting started. We want the community to engage with us and shape these systems to create dApps that replace the most popular apps of web 2.0. Submit feedback or feature requests on the Rimble GitHub page.

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