Design Thinking Facilitation at ConsenSys

Design Thinking Facilitation at ConsenSys is utilized across the entire organization, from client engagements, to Spokes’ product decisions, to internal operations improvements.

Design Facilitation blends the 50-year old, user centered methodology of design thinking with modern entrepreneurship practices. It enables teams to understand problems clearly, create informed solutions and execute through the collaborative process of building empathy.

Design facilitators can help you make decisions faster.

ConsenSys’ Design thinking facilitators are a diverse team who have decades of collective design experience working in and with startups, lean enterprise, consulting, corporate, cooperatives, government and NGOs. Meet the team, and learn what we can do together.

Design Thinking Workshops at Consensys

Workshops are not meetings.

Design Thinking workshops gather cross-functional teams to gain understanding, hypothesize and test ideas. Workshops can help you throughout discovery, definition, development and delivery of a product or service.

Design Thinking workshops are an iterative process that can help your team align around a common goal, identify or define opportunities, and create actionable plans and next steps.

Communicating in-person design thinking

In-Person Experience

For those big decisions, it’s good to have an unbiased person in the room. The Design Thinking circle is excited to have the opportunity to work with teams through in person workshops and sessions.

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ConsenSys design thinking tools

Digital Experience

Innovation does not have to happen in person. Using digital tools the Design Facilitation team can craft a one to four hour session that helps teams align and make decisions to move forward.

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Are you ready for a workshop?

But before you embark on your first Design Thinking workshops it's important that you ensure your team is committed to the process. Here’s what we’ll need to make sure we make the most of our time together:

  • You should determine a committed time in which all team members are fully present,
  • make sure there is clarity in what you are trying to achieve,
  • and you should have a clear understanding of who your users are, or a willingness to explore this in-workshop
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Innovation in blockchain startups: case study of a design thinking project at a venture accelerator

Linnia is a protocol-focused spoke, or start up, housed within the ConsenSys venture studio. The team learned to use design thinking and methods to transform their development to be user-centered — and baked that into efficient hackathons and a new data product they’re testing with clients.

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