Will you join us in designing Web 3?

We are transforming how the world works with blockchain technology, and design is crucial to achieving this mission. Discover the right role for you at ConsenSys.

We’re hiring for a number of different positions.

We are a global, remote-first, decentralized design practice. Apply to join our team!

Jobs at ConsenSys Companies

ConsenSys Labs logo

ConsenSys Labs

Design Strategist
Brooklyn or Remote
Gitcoin logo


Product Designer & Illustrator
Brooklyn, United States, India, London, Remote
Bounties Network logo

Bounties Network

Product Designer, Bounties
Brooklyn, Remote

Jobs at ConsenSys

Product Designer
Dublin, London
Product Designer
Brooklyn, Remote, United States
Senior Product Designer
Lead UX Content Designer
Brooklyn, London, Raleigh, San Francisco, Remote
Senior Design Researcher
United States, Brooklyn, Remote
Lead Product Designer
Brooklyn, Remote
Product Design Lead, Solutions Venture Delivery
New York, San Francisco
Senior Product Designer, Solutions Studio
London, remote
Freelance for ConsenSys


Are you a freelancer who is interested in contract work with ConsenSys? Please email us with your portfolio and we will match you with open projects.

Bounties at ConsenSys


Many of the ConsenSys Design projects are posted to the public on the Bounties Network—you can join their slack to stay up to date on gigs posted by ConsenSys.

Contact ConsenSys Design

Contact Us

If you’re looking for a full time role but, don’t see anything that is a fit, please email us with your portfolio and a quick introduction.

We pride ourselves on being a decentralized design practice.

The future is decentralized and we are shedding the rigid hierarchies of the past. Our team spans almost every timezone and is brought together by the desire to create and maintain a first-rate user experience on the Ethereum blockchain.

Hiring principles at ConsenSys

What we look for

We are working on the next generation of technologies—to create a more just and equitable society. The challenges we face are significant as we scale the Ethereum ecosystem. These range from how we build experiences that our users value in an entirely new space, to how we communicate together as a distributed team and how we work together in a flat, self-organizing practice. To tackle these challenges we are cultivating a culture of continual learning and radical transparency.

Hiring principles at ConsenSys


Collaboration and communication are crucial to every project at ConsenSys—whether you're working in our consulting group or embedded in a Spoke. To excel in this rapidly changing ecosystem you should be comfortable working on the unknown, sharing your learnings, and taking feedback from your team. As designers in this space we must be the champion of the user and work to make blockchain accessible to the masses.

Design Process

We have found that within this environment that values independence, designers with a solid human-centered design process backed up by significant experience have a larger impact. It is much harder to teach a user-centered mindset and design skills than teach a designer about blockchain. We find that the flexibility and breadth of skill developed by designing at both startups and large organizations allows our designers to be ready for anything. If you want to contribute to building a design culture within the Ethereum ecosystem then you should apply to join us.

Interest in Blockchain

At ConsenSys you’ll be working in a constantly evolving ecosystem. In your first month at ConsenSys you can expect a deep dive into the world of blockchain; we will teach you the ins and outs of how Ethereum works. Want to dig in and start learning now? Check out LitePaper.

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